Mara & David,
Sixteen Secrets
(Songways, 2007)

Here we get Sixteen Secrets in 15 tracks using the wonderful vocality of Mara Von Ferne and the acoustic guitar of David Sick.

Most of the tracks come from the pens of these excellent performers, and they are delivered with a vitality and lack of ornamentation that highlights the dual talents they have to offer.

The problem with an album from a new act performing new material is always the need to hook the listener immediately and reel them in. Mara & David manage this feat very well, and the album would be a lovely addition to a warm fire, a glass of good wine and good company to sit and listen in the candlelight.

The lyrics throughout are well devised and expertly delivered.

One imagines this duo building a very strong fan based through live performance. With enough airplay, they could expand this fan base even further.

music review by
Nicky Rossiter

29 October 2011

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