Alexis Masters,
The Giuliana Legacy
(Health Communications, 2000)

What happens when heredity and destiny overcome hundreds of years of forgetful humanity? It comes full circle in The Guiliana Legacy. This book is a lovely story that mixes mythology with mystery. Our highly psychic and likable protagonist is Julie Giardani, midwife and more. The story follows Julie on her quest to discover the legacy of her heritage, which begins in California with Julie's father Tony hinting at an inheritance that is something more than mere physical objects. Despite the joking about "witch" powers, Julie and her father have extreme empathy and sensitivity, which allows them to notice when events are going wrong. Unfortunately, these powers do nothing for Tony when he is killed in a suspicious fire.

His death leads Julie on a somewhat quixotic quest from her home in California first to the Greek island of Cyprus. There she meets Andrei, a parapsychologist looking for peace in a monastery. She also has very intense past life flashbacks and spiritual experiences, including a very strong attraction to Andrei. Unfortunately, danger comes in the form of Gregor Danilenko, a former associate of both Andrei's mother and Tony's father. His lust for occult power has led him to Julia, and she is innocent of the dangers he poses to her.

Julie and Andrei separate, she to journey on to Tuscany in search of her ancestral home, Andrei to Marseilles to consult with Madame Racine, head of a group of psychics who work for good. This group had, at one time, contained both Tony Giardini and Andrei's mother, providing another link between the two young people. Eventually, of course, they meet again, and Julie seeks to reclaim her heritage as part of a long line of gifted women.

I found this book very easy to read and it kept my interest. My only concern was that it seemed a little rushed -- I would have liked to know more about Julie and her life in California. Despite that, this was a very enjoyable work, and I look forward to reading more by Alexis Masters. If you like spiritual fiction with an edge of ESP and a dash of occult intrigue, The Guiliana Legacy is for you!

[ by Beth Derochea ]
Rambles: 8 September 2001

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