Anne Mccaffrey,
The Masterharper of Pern
(Del Rey, 1998)

The character Robinton, the titular Masterharper, is indubitably one of author Anne McCaffrey's most beloved and enduring characters. In The Masterharper of Pern, he is lovingly portrayed as he grows from an engaging, if at times, difficult and complicated childhood to a major player in the history of his dragon-filled planet.

Characterization is always a prime focus and strength in this author's work, and McCaffrey's masterful technique is vibrantly displayed herein. She's also quite adept at fitting together relatively disparate pieces of her now-lengthy backstory of Pern.

The plot never fails to engage and the reader keeps turning the pages, at times on the very edge of the readerly seat. This is a must-read for fans and a good place to start for apprentice dragonlore lovers.

by Stephen Richmond
18 February 2006

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