Erin McCarthy,
Vegas Vampires #3: Bled Dry
(Berkley, 2007)

The third book in the Vegas Vampires series is easily the best of the bunch. I loved the first two books, but this one blew me away. From page one I was completely engrossed, on page two I had my first big laugh and that set the pace for a fantastic read.

Brittany Baldizzi had a crazy childhood. She never knew her father; her mother was a stripper who died of a drug overdose, leaving Brittany's older half-sister, Alexis (from High Stakes), to raise her. Brittany strives for as much normalcy in her life as possible. But complicating that goal is the fact that she is half vampire; her sister was recently turned vampire and now Brittany finds herself pregnant by, you guessed it, a vampire.

Corbin Altelier has been a vampire for more than 100 years. He is an outcast amongst vampire society due to a past crime and his current controversial scientific research. Finding out he is going to be a father for the first time is more than a little shock to him.

Erin McCarthy, series writer, had me in hysterics, I was laughing out loud throughout this book. She has a wonderful way of writing that makes this vampire theme seem so real and natural. Here, she took the fairly common storyline of an unexpected pregnancy and made it unique and fresh with the vampire element and some other obstacles -- yet it all seems so plausible. You'll expect to run into Brittany, Corbin and the rest of the gang the next time you fly to Vegas for the weekend. This book isn't all sunshine and roses, however; there are some real heartbreaking moments and some definite problems that arise and have to be solved. I think I cried as much as I laughed.

I am not sure if she plans to continue this series, but I would definitely welcome another Vegas Vampires tale. This is not a stand-alone book; you really need to have read the first two in the series before starting this one. I read this book today and I am already looking forward to rereading it in the very near future. Enjoy!

review by
Cherise Everhard

27 October 2007

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