Suzanne McDermott,
(Rosema Red, 2000)

Singer-songwriter Suzanne McDermott impresses on her 2000 release Ephemera, with a combination of floating vocals, amazing musicians and well-crafted songs. Ephemera is the kind of disc that makes great background music at a dinner party or great relaxing in the tub music on a cold Wednesday night in January.

She wrote all the songs on this record, and calls upon a host of talented musicians to back her up, including Nils De Caster on violin, Jeroen Jongsma on mandolin and Eric van der Lest on percussion.

There aren't any songs that particularly stand out on the record -- they are all solid. McDermott has a Loreena McKennitt-esque sound, with an appreciation for traditional themes and simple, poignant songs like "Meditation at Mount Auburn Cemetery," "Amico in Vasto" and "West Wind."

Suzanne McDermott is another talented female singer-songwriter who follows a gentle tradition, playing her guitar and pouring out her heart.

[ by Rachel Jagt ]
Rambles: 16 October 2001

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