Angela McKenzie,
(AMcK Intiative, 2005)

This album achieves a nine out of ten rating -- no pun on the title.

Angela McKenzie has a voice ideally suited to the material presented here. As she calls them herself, this is a "collection of practical, wholesome love songs." The primary aim seems to be to tell a story without ambiguity or too much "cuteness."

Unusually in the current trend, she does not sing her own material, although she does take the work of the writers and make it hers. Her varied career ranging from acting to working at the United Nations obviously gives her a life experience that she uses to great effect in her interpretation of the music and lyrics.

Having 10 tracks on an album called "Nine" that is not necessarily her ninth release makes you wonder why. Still, listening to Nine makes you long for a live performance by Angela McKenzie.

by Nicky Rossiter
10 March 2007

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