Sean McMullen,
(Tor, 2006)

Voidfarer is the third book in Sean McMullen's Moonworlds Saga. As each volume is only loosely related to the others, it is not necessary to have read the rest of the series; even with appearances from characters in other novels, this could easily be a stand-alone book.

Voidfarer tells the story of the Wayfarer Constables -- in particular, the squad of Inspector Danolarian (who is not who he claims to be), Constable Riellen (the first woman Wayfarer), Constable Roval (done wrong by a woman) and Constable Wallas (who used to not be a cat). When a huge egg falls from the sky, the squad at first believes it to be a dragon's egg. But what it hatches is no dragon and, before long, the Wayfarer Constables find themselves embroiled in a war with sorcerers from the moonworld Lupan, their close celestial neighbor. There seems to be little they can do against the more advanced sorcery of the Lupanians, but they must and will fight this war to its ending.

The astute reader will recognize at once that Voidfarer is a fantasy retelling of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds. Don't let that put you off; even though McMullen follows Wells' story fairly closely, he puts his own spin on it, and the novel is immensely entertaining.

Voidfarer has its share of interesting characters, many of whom have their own secrets. There is plenty of adventure, a layer of romance and a dash of intrigue, all of which adds up to the best Moonworlds book yet.

review by
Laurie Thayer

10 November 2007

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