Richelle Mead,
Georgina Kincaid #4: Succubus Heat
(Kensington, 2009)

Georgina Kincaid has been a succubus for centuries. Currently, she works in the Seattle area under the demon, Jerome. In Seattle she has made herself a comfortable life; she has a job at a bookstore, a group of close immortal and mortal friends, an apartment and a cat.

With her recent breakup with mortal boyfriend, Seth, Georgina has become bitchy, despondent and any other negative stereotype associated with heartache. She has even started dating a mortal with a blackened soul, Dante. When Jerome orders Georgina to Canada to work as a succubus on loan and for a much-needed attitude adjustment, things for Georgina seem to have hit rock bottom ... but then she loses her powers.

This is another incredible installment in the series, but it left me feeling tremendously sad. Georgina is a succubus who survives on the life she steals from mortals when she sleeps with them, yet she probably has the kindest and most romantic heart. All she wants is a normal life one filled with love and children, something she can never have.

With her loss of power it means Georgina could finally make love with Seth, the man she loves, without shortening his life span. But Seth is currently in a relationship with her good friend, Maddy, and once again happiness seems so close yet still out of reach. This book is filled with bittersweet moments, twists and turns and betrayals.

Richelle Mead is such a gifted storyteller and she has me so invested in these immortals, it's scary. The thought of having to wait until April 2010 for the next installment seems like a torture I might not be able to endure, but if I do I know it will be an unusually long few months. The romantic in me needs Georgina to get her happily ever after, to live her dreams, but as a succubus bound to hell, how is that possible?

If you have yet to pick up these books, you are missing out on one of the best series in fiction.

review by
Cherise Everhard

11 July 2009

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