To this day, Michael Gasser's only persistent love belongs to music (and maybe to cats) -- although he obviously needed some time to find that out! He studied law, but he doesn't really want to remember why he actually considered doing that for the rest of his life. So don't ask him. But then many things remain inexplicable. To his credit it must be said that since then he has mainly refrained from doing anything as rigid and boring as law. He co-owned a gallery for a few years, did some short movies and gave up the guitar after hearing John McLaughlin in concert. He also did some acting, but with some luck this sad fact will be forgotten soon. Anyway he's grown up now and has decided that journalism is what he likes doing for a living. And true to his word, this is what he does. If he is in dire need of some extra cash, he also does translations, but he doesn't love doing it, because it's mainly business stuff he has to work on. Michael has a large collection of (vinyl) records and is a big fan of the Elektra label. (The Holzman years only though!!!) His aim is to write the ultimate Jac Holzman biography one day. Michael also writes reviews for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, Music Matters Review and several other publications in his native country.

If you think that Michael is a strange guy, then you are dead right. One of the possible explanations for this is him being Swiss, still living in Switzerland and loving England dearly. Although he can't be blamed for the first, he certainly is responsible for the second and the third is irrelevant slightly eccentric, to put it nicely. By the way he adores irony. And no, he can't yodel.

He can be reached via e-mail at

Stories by Michael include:

Terri Allard, Loose Change and Spare Parts

Ray Bonneville, Rough Luck

Steve Brooks, Bulletproof

Kate Campbell, Rosaryville

Guy Clark, Cold Dog Soup

Cry Cry Cry, Cry Cry Cry

Yvonne Doll & the Locals, My Kind of Freak

Mary Gauthier, Drag Queens In Limousines

Bob Hillman, Playing God

J.P. Jones, Ashes

Lucy Kaplansky, Ten Year Night

Jess Klein, Wishes Well Disguised

Meredith LeVande, Through the Clouds

Rod MacDonald, Into the Blue

Dave Mallett, Ambition

Pamela Means, Pearls

Kenny Meeks, Tell My Angel

Lynn Miles, Night in a Strange Town

Tom Pacheco, The Lost American Songwriter

Bill Passalaqua, Reckless Pedestrian

Rose Polenzani, Anybody

Rockwell Church, Rockwell Church

Les Sampou, Les Sampou

Karen Savoca, Here We Go

Chris & Meredith Thompson, Wood and Stone