Stuart W. Mirsky,
The King of Vinland's Saga
(Xlibris, 1998)

There is a dearth of fine historical writers, and when you find one you tend to go on and on with descriptives like wonderful, marvellous and outstanding. So I will trot them all out to describe this bold work of Viking lore in the tradition of Eric the Red and Lief Erickson. The King of Vinland's Saga is a full adventure saga set in Greenland, coastal Canada and Maine in the U.S., and based in ancient Norse mythology and lore, a period that is often neglected in modern fiction. It is especially interesting because it depicts "first contact" between the Norsemen and the Indians of North America.

The story unfolds around a man with two feet in two separate cultures and his love for a woman from each. The book is based on the little-known manuscript of Edward Reman, a Scandinavian sailor who claimed past scholars misinterpreted Vinland's location. By his sailor's reckoning, Reman puts the true position of the Viking settlement on Grand Manaan Isle, off the Maine coast.

This is a very sweeping saga that brings to life a period that was thrilling but, alas, suffers from neglect in today's writing market. The Norse were one of the biggest influences in Europe, British Isles and the U.S., supposedly visiting North America long before Columbus, and yet there is little done about it in fiction or history. So when a special gem like this comes along, it's like a beacon in the darkest night for enthusiasts of Scandinavian culture.

Stuart W. Mirsky has a feel for the period and is very able toshare his vision with readers. I highly recommend this wonderful tale!! If you enjoyed Eaters of the Dead and want something more in that vein, you will love this!!

- Rambles
written by DeborahAnne MacGillivray
published 1 February 2003

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