Miss Lettie & Me
directed by Ian Berry
(Magna Global, 2002)

If there is a "chick flick" of the Christmas season, it has to be Miss Lettie & Me. The only thing this movie offers is one long, drawn-out emotional ride that changes scenes a few times. No action. Very little humor. No suspense. Just a look at how a woman overcomes her bitterness at her niece, accepts that niece's daughter into her home and life, and rekindles an old romance after severe matchmaking by the child, while the child deals with hurt and anger over abandonment.

I just summed up the entire movie in one sentence.

This is not to say that it is a bad movie. To the contrary, I thought it had exceptional acting. The story is a strong, emotionally charged tale. It is nicely written with all the parts executed professionally. Mary Tyler Moore is brilliant as Lettie. She can run the gamut of emotions with a character and make you believe each one.

Charles Robinson, as Isaiah, is a heartwarming character that you are required to love. He works his way right into your heart. Holliston Coleman, who plays Travis, can go from squeal and laughter to flooding tears with concrete believability. She is quite the gifted child.

Still, I felt the story should have been done in half the time. It drags on and on. They added fluff to fill up the required run time for a movie. There were a few times that it became downright boring, but I really wanted to know how the story ended. It ended predictably -- exactly as I thought it would -- and I almost felt as if I had wasted my time watching it. Could the writers not think of any twist for an already blah movie?

Miss Lettie & Me is not a movie that I can recommend unless you are looking specifically for an emotional chick flick that has nothing except that emotional appeal going for it.

review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

9 January 2009

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