Mr. St. Nick
directed by Craig Zisk
(Hallmark, 2002)

For every person that has ever been pressured by a parent, here is your Christmas movie: Mr. St. Nick. Every home should have this movie for the holiday seasons. It would be a really nice gift for certain parents of the world.

As his hundredth year as Santa Claus passes, King Nicholas XX (Charles Durning) prepares to pass the torch to his son, Prince Nicholas St. Nicholas von Claus XXI (Kelsey Grammer). All the signs are showing that it is time, but Nicky does not seem ready. Two weeks before his coronation, he still does not have a queen or a beard. Instead, he is kicking up his heels as Miami's most eligible bachelor.

King Nicholas starts to lose his powers. He cannot fix toys, get into his suit or remember who is naughty or nice. Meanwhile, weird things are happening in Nicky's life. Nicky's personal assistant/head elf, Jasper (Brian Bedford), is scared. Queen Carlotta (Katherine Helmond) calls the wizard Mimir (Wallace Shawn) to check King Nicholas. He confirms that the powers are self-transferring, whether they want to make the change or not. Worse, the sleigh will not fly without the powers and Santa can no longer communicate telepathically or teleport from place to place. Somehow, they must tell Nicky. Can they reach him in time?

Nicky has hired a new housekeeper, Lorena (Ana Ortiz), who proves to be a fireball. He has gone goo-goo over a blond bimbo, Heidi (Elaine Hendrix), and plans to make her his queen with a Christmas Eve wedding. She plans to take his money and a fast flight to the Caymans with her boyfriend. Lorena and Jasper must find a way to stop the wedding.

What a movie! This one keeps you on the edge of your seat. Even if you know how it will end, you will not anticipate all the incidents and accidents along the way to the end. It may be an oldie, but this script adds plenty of new twists.

The characters are magnificent. The diversity is impressive. The depth and dimension of these characters is some of the most remarkable that I have seen. They never stop revealing their inner selves and simply continue to grow and expand. Even the minor parts are brilliant. They force you to care about and feel for them and to invest your emotions into their situations.

Mr. St. Nick is one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies. I am sure that it will become one of yours too. It is an excellent holiday movie value.

review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

13 December 2008

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