Vasudev Murthy,
Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years: Japan
(Poisoned Pen Press, 2015)

I love the way this novel both honors the legacy and the voice of the canonical Sherlock Holmes novels and also expands the breadth of the Great Detective's story. I LOVE Holmes in Asia! While his experiences in India, Cambodia and Thailand are brief, they show a plausible Englishman's view of some wildly different cultures. Japan is handled with some more depth.

The additional voices besides Watson's are welcome, too, giving more context and life to the story ... although I found the first-person POV from Moriarty to be implausible.

Lots of adventure -- Moriarty seems damned near omniscient, even though he admits to regularly killing his effective minions. Not sure how that works for him, but apparently it does. Apparently, he has an almost infinite number of minions to try and thwart Holmes, et al. The story gets pretty exciting at times, but the intrigue is more compelling.

While I've enjoyed the Holmes stories, I'm not a Baker Street Irregular or anything even close to one. I would be interested to hear more die-hard Holmes fans' take on this novel! As it is, though, I liked it a lot.

book review by
Amanda Fisher

20 June 2015

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