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Music from the Land of the Vampires
(Terrascape, 1996)

Music from the Land of the Vampires was released as a companion disc to Music from Castle Dracula. But, where Dracula works, Vampires doesn't.

Dracula creates an atmospheric score around the theme of Bram Stoker's famous novel. Vampires, on the other hand, goes for a folkier sound, serving up a disc of danceable, authentic-sounding Gypsy music. Somehow, the cheery peasant revels doesn't jive with the ghoulish narrative -- text lifted from Stoker's book and read by Nick Hetherington, as in the companion disc -- or the wailing in the background.

Mixed moods and liner notes that are, once again, information-free adds up to make Land of the Vampires an unsatisfying package. Stick with Dracula.

review by
Tom Knapp

5 October 2002

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