Mylene Pires,
(Fast Horse, 2003)

Mylene Pires is a Brazilian singer-songwriter who is backed primarily by the producers of her debut CD: percussionist Ramiro Musotto, bassist/guitarist Fernando Reyes and guitarist/sample programmer Jonqui. They meld traditional instrumentation with electronics and samples in a happy combination.

Mylene's soulful vocals and songs have a traditional South American feel. There is a great deal of familiar Brazilian guitar and percussion, while the electronics subtly enhance the sound.

It seems strange that a percussionist as talented as Musotto, who has his own solo release on Fast Horse, would bother with drum programming. It may be to give the CD a more commercial sound, but in that case it would seem preferable to have Mylene sing in English instead of Portuguese (except the last cut, "Eleanor Rigby").

Whatever the reason, this deserves to be a hit. It is a pleasure to hear moogs and programming used with taste, and even more of a pleasure not to hear the pounding, cliched beats that too often take over when samples are used.

This wonderfully produced combination of world folk and jazz should appeal to a wide range of listeners.

- Rambles
written by Dave Howell
published 10 July 2004

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