David Myles,
Together & Alone
(independent, 2005)

David Myles covers the dance between being together and being alone on the aptly named CD, Together & Alone. The themes in the lyrics help to pull the songs together as they switch from one point of the arc to another.

Myles (vocals and guitar) is joined by Tom Easley (bass), Mike Doherty (piano, Hammond organ and keyboards) and Tania Breen (vocals). The music flows smoothly from hint of jazz to edges of a country twang and bluegrass and a few other places besides.

The guitar and piano set the tone for "On Your Own" and brings out the chill in the lyrics. The delivery of the words of "Wo, Wo, Hey, Hey" propel the song on the way, leaving the focus of the song behind in the wake. The lyrics just drift along in "Could Have Fooled Me," which leaves the song more melancholy than sad. The clear sound of Breen's voice goes so well against the rasp in Myles' in "Moonshine."

In "Ask You to Wait," the central question of the song is unasked, and the simplicity of the music intensifies the theme. The fears turn to hope in "Never Too Late," and the music changes tenor to suit. Parts of the melody the piano plays in "In Between Times" sound very familiar; it is a short piece and feels like it is too short. The steady beat in "Ballad for a Young Man" sets the pace of the song to that of a slow funeral march.

The tempo changes, as the words step from far to near, sorrow to hope in "Something I Can Feel." The tempo picks up a bit more for "I Don't Say I Love You," and the song races along. The quiet lyrics of "Coming Home" touch on both departing and returning home again. The lyrics of "Truth in You" are so soft that they drift in over the music.

All said, Together & Alone is a strong CD, well worth taking the time to listen to a few times over.

by Paul de Bruijn
23 September 2006

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