The Near Myths,
Words to Burn
(Eternal Delight, 2007)

The Near Myths describe themselves as "eclectric New Millenium vagabond mongrels, infusing traditional folk-rock and pop with a thoroughly contemporary sensibility." Their music, they say, is a tuneful and eccentric mix of folk, rock, pop, country and blues, featuring compelling lyrics.

Sounds really interesting. If only it were true.

What I heard in this CD was not an eclectic mix of good stuff, but a set of dull and mundane pop tunes featuring five singers, all of whom appear to be singing high harmony so they sometimes seem to be going in different directions.

As for what they call compelling lyrics:

Heartache mixed with pleasure
pain turns out to be treasure
seen through the memories of chances
ohh -- romances!


Please don't cry you don't know
how my heart aches when I make you blue
I'd forsake the whole world if I could
Not that that would do us much good.

What they call compelling, I'd call everyday, overly familiar and cliched. Sorry, but I just can't respond to what the Near Myths are offering.

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review by
Michael Scott Cain

2 August 2008

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