Nightwing: Rough Justice
by Chuck Dixon
& Scott McDaniel
(DC Comics, 1999)

The best scene comes when Dick and Bruce -- not their alter-egos, Nightwing and Batman -- are out in their civvies, acting like peers and, more importantly, friends. It's nice to see the perpetual chip on Dick's shoulder take a rest, along with Bruce's underlying resentment of his former ward.

The best tease of a future villain comes with the introduction of Tad, would-be vigilante who just has the concept down wrong.

And the best plot twist is the fate of Inspector Soames, who is not dead -- despite boss Blockbuster's best intentions -- but will certainly have a new perspective on life in future storylines.

Nightwing: Rough Justice collects issues 9-18 of the ongoing Nightwing series, a slice of heroing Bludhaven style first published in 1997-98. The new cast of characters surrounding Dick in his new hometown is growing and solidifying nicely, as is his place in the world as Batman's former kid sidekick. Writer Chuck Dixon has peopled Bludhaven with numerous possibilities for development -- future lovers, perhaps, as well as future foes and potential allies. You have to love the gangster hierarchy. Plus, Dick finally gets a lair, and a car.

Oh yes, and there's a story with the Man-Bat, too.

Rough Justice is a must-have chapter in the annals of Nightwing.

- Rambles
written by Tom Knapp
published 28 May 2005

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