Jennifer Noxon,
Watch As You Walk
(self-produced, 1998)

Watch As You Walk, Jennifer Noxon's debut album, is a gem among debuts. Noxon exhibits a maturity that is rare among artists recording first albums: her music is both lyrical and musical and her voice is like silk. The words of the song tell an uncluttered narrative that is accented by layers and layers of instrumental accompaniment, including beautiful use of violins, drums, guitar, tablas and citterns.

There is also a wide variety of songs with some, such as "The Bottomless Cup" expounding on life's adventures and advocating embracing whatever life has to offer without fear, and "Water," which, with its sunny calypso rhythms celebrating hope and determination of women providing for families. There are also somber melodies, such as "Devil's Breath," which describes in heart-wrentching slowness the horrendous experience of an arson. This somberness is offset by "Wind's Secret," which describes the hope and strength inherent in survival of life's difficulties.

Watch As You Walk is a rootsy, eclectic album with words and music that creates something rare -- something that sounds familiar and a maturity level that most artists can only dream of achieving.

[ by Melissa Kowalewski ]
Rambles: 28 September 2002