Angie Nussey,
Paint & Turpentine
(Dragonfly, 2004)

Angie Nussey released her third CD, Paint & Turpentine, in 2004. This is mostly a folk album, but also has some rock tunes. The 11 tracks were all written by Angie. The name of the album, according to the liner notes, was influenced by a "wonderful lady" that Angie knows. Unfortunately, she doesn't say why or how this lady was so wonderful. The lyrics in the title track are no help.

My favorite track on the album would be "I Used To." This melancholy song is about the singer reflecting back on ending a relationship for no apparent reason. She still loves her former partner, but it was time to end things. She has regrets, but she has pretty much moved on. The music adds to the thought-provoking feel of the lyrics.

"Forbidden Thoughts" makes me think of Tom Waits for some reason. I can hear this song in my mind performed by his deep, throaty vocals. The lyrics confuse me. The song is about a man in a bar who sings a song that captivates the entire bar audience with his passionate playing. I know the forbidden thoughts are lustful, but that is all. I like the song, but I think I missed what Angie intended to project.

Angie reminds me of Dar Williams with "The Futon Song." Angie actually sounds a little like Dar at times, but Angie is a little too cutesy with the lyrics. Depending upon the stanza, Angie has a soft spot for her futon, her old car or her cat. It is an amusing piece, in a juvenile way. There is nothing wrong with that. As Angie states in the liner notes, "If you can't have the things you love, love the things you have."

To help Angie on "Paint & Turpentine," the following musicians added their talents: Brad Keller (acoustic guitar), Brian Kobayakawa (double bass and bass guitar), Brian Lahaie (acoustic guitar, drums, piano, percussion), Ayron Mortley (electric guitars, mandolin), James Chapple (organ, piano) and Chris Gale (saxophone). Non-musical talent included Delphine Nussey's telephone chatter and Wayne Nussey-Lahaie's Siamese cat impression. Besides singing, Angie also plays piano and acoustic guitar.

As you listen to the music on Paint and Turpentine you will notice that it is quite varied. Besides Williams and Waits, I've thought of the Saturday Night Live band and songs I would recognize on the radio but don't know the artists. In other words, I quickly felt familiar with this album. There are a couple songs that are so-so, but nothing I would purposely skip while listening to it. The CD won't make it in to my top 10 list for the year, but I've still enjoyed it for what it has to offer.

by Wil Owen
24 June 2006

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