Dan Oakenhead,
Sky Geezer
(Northern Sky, 2003)

Dan Oakenhead cites influences over the years from Tom Paxton to Chick Corea and many others in between. All of these combine in Sky Geezer, a collection of his own compositions, and the listener is the winner.

"One More Turn Around the Wheel" is an evocative piece that will strike chords in anyone who gives a careful listen to the beautiful lyrics. "I Had a Dream Last Night" covers ground that has been sung about many times before but his delivery, with piano backing, gives it a new life and will bear close listening.

As always it is the songs of love and loss that mean most to us because that is where we all meet. "Come Round Again" is a beautiful composition that tells the tale once more -- with lots of feeling. "I Live in the Sky" is a lovely song, both witty and pointed. "God used to live next door, no one home anymore."

My favourite track is "Sleeping Alone." This is one of those tracks that hold your attention from the first line to the last. It tells a short story and you want to know how it ends. "Co-operation" is reminiscent of the old humorous tracks of Tom Paxton. It uses humour to grab attention but there is a dark thread here. As in so many ways life screws us, then says "Thanks for your co-operation." Oakenhead will bring you on travels with "The Autumn Borderlands of Turiya" and then on to "Cliffs of Moher."

This is a beautiful collection of excellent music and song.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 10 April 2004

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