Paul O'Brien,
Sacred Lines
(independent, 2005)

Paul O'Brien's gentle delivery seems at odds with the picture of the artist featured on the cover of this album.

The opening track is the title of the CD, and it has a wonderful capacity to entrance -- although I could have done without the chat in the background that had me distracted from the lyrics. It sounded like a problem with the recording at first.

"Romero" is a fantastic track that should get some more airplay. It reminds me of the best of the folk music we grew up with. His singing in what I presume to be Spanish is wonderful and adds a new dimension to the song. It tells a story, has a moral and has a beautiful melody -- what more does a song need?

"Path of History" continues the great tradition of story in song that makes music so important. This tale of the immigrant is extremely evocative and must strike chords with anyone who has moved to a new home in a new land. I particularly enjoyed "Without a Trace." Once more, he draws the listener into the tale, and you will be intrigued as to where the story leads.

The album closes with "Oregon Sky," and the one thing you feel is that 11 tracks are too few. This is a CD you want to go on and on, but you will hear more of Paul O'Brien.

Paul offers lyrics and personal background on his website.

by Nicky Rossiter
22 July 2006

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