Anne O'Brien,
The Virgin Widow
(New American Library, 2010)

In The Virgin Widow, author Anne O'Brien turns her career in history to good account.

The political and social atmosphere during the War of the Roses is very well portrayed, without getting in the way of the story. O'Brien takes two of the least likely monarchs to headline a romance novel and pulls it off beautifully. Moreover, she does it without protecting or glorifying her hero. Richard III's character has been painted as both villainous and heroic, but here he stands as a complex man whose actions leave him open to being merely human, as well as either extreme. Anyone with an interest in this king will find The Virgin Widow a worthwhile read.

Meanwhile, Anne Neville's tumultuous life allows her to play an engrossing lead. With well placed intrigues and a great deal of heart, her life leads readers down a thought-provoking road.

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book review by
Whitney Mallenby

26 February 2011

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