Eoghan O'Donnell,
First Steps
(independent, 2009)

First Steps is, as the inset declares, "a collection of 12 short pieces loosely bound together by two themes, family and place."

Instrumental albums are often the most difficult to review unless you are doing them in a technical vein for fellow musicians. Basically, an instrumental CD of new works is either lovely to hear, or not. This one by Eoghan O'Donnell is a very nice listen, with the dozen piano pieces on offer blending very well together.

You can seldom go wrong with a waltz, and "Waltz for Eoin" proves the point as the most memorable track on the album.

Perhaps if O'Donnell had given us a bit more information on his inspirations we could enjoy these tracks at a deeper level. It would be wonderful to understand tracks with titles like "Flowers Under the Ocean," "The Clockmaker" or "Forgotten Time."

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music review by
Nicky Rossiter

31 July 2010

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