Tim O'Riordan & Natural Gas,
Come Here I Wantcha
(High Fort, 2004)

In 2004, Ireland experienced the phenomenon of a wonderful catchy song called "The Langer." It was played on every radio station and belted out in a thousand pubs and brought Natural Gas to our attention. The title is Cork slang for a person who does not help, or is a bit of an "eejit." It also has a stronger connotation where a parental advisory might apply.

I have never believed in "one-hit wonders." Any band that can capture the public needs talent as well as opportunity. I am delighted to report that Tim O'Riordan and the boys have talent in abundance. This CD features an updated version of "The Langer" to keep the comedy fans happy, along with the humorous "The Night the Goat Broke Loose." But it is on the other, more serious tracks that Natural Gas will attract new fans.

"Dear Old City" is a lovely chorus-driven song that will not leave a dry eye on Leeside as they remind us of the not so good old days of emigration. "Bealtine Day" is a nice, country-sounding track that is easy on the ear. My favourite track is one that reminds us of the fallen from Cork in the Great War. The title is "A Song for the Fallen," and it deserves wider audiences. Among the dozen tracks on offer are two written by Mickey McConnell with the others written or co-written by O'Riordan.

I know that it's a difficult decision to move on from the winning formula, but I prefer this group in more serious mood.

by Nicky Rossiter
15 July 2006

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