Mick Overman & the Maniacs,
Good Thing Happen
(Max, 2006)

On this release, Mick Overman & the Maniacs aren't very maniacal. In fact, they're laid back and quiet, choosing to open with "Inside the Dream," a ballad that features a prominent cello as a second voice to Overman's gruff and gravelly voice. "Ghost of a Chance" features a chinky mandolin, while "Take Me Back to Texas" brings us a little country soul.

Given the band's name, a new listener doesn't expect soft folk-rock with a slight country kick. It's not bad but Good Thing Happen offers very little that can't be heard from hundreds of bar bands throughout the nation. It's going to satisfy fans of the band, but the rest of us are going to be wondering where is the thing that distinguishes the Maniacs from all the others.

I didn't hear it.

review by
Michael Scott Cain

7 June 2008

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