Glen E. Page,
Apocalypse #1: The Last Plague
(Synergy, 2008)

The Last Plague, the first book in Glen E. Page's Apocalypse series, begins with a sexually mutilated young woman in Dr. Doug Hunter's ER. He quickly discovers more similar cases, but as soon as he gathers evidence on them, forces seem to work against him being able to retain it.

Hunter realizes both the government and Lucifer are trying to prevent these cases from coming to light. Indeed, the world's future is at stake and may well be in the hands of Dr. Hunter's son.

I found the book a difficult and depressing read. The prose is good enough and engaging, but I wasn't able to complete the entire thing. However do not let my opinion discourage you. Christian literature is on the rise. More and more, readers of faith are demanding books that speak to their values rather than secular novels.

If you are of a strong religious or a right-wing bent and you enjoy conspiracy theory books, The Last Plague and its following series will probably strongly appeal to you.

book review by
Becky Kyle

12 February 2011

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