Pamela L. Dow is a music journalist/freelance writer specializing in blues music. The same passion and commitment she feels being a blues guitarist is equally identified throughout her written work surrounding this treasured format. If she's not playing the blues, she's writing about it.

Dow is a staff writer for numerous music- and blues-specific websites and Sound Waves Magazine. Her in-depth interviews and profiles offer the reader an intimate look at the artist, both personally and professionally. Dow's interviews and profiles have graced the cover of Sound Waves, made featured artist of the month for Blues Free Press, showcased at Blue Coupe, including publication at Blues On Stage, Perfect Sound Forever and Rambles.NET. Her concert reviews recreate the sights and sounds of each event as if you were there, and her CD reviews provide detailed information about specific tracks, the overall presentation and message of a new recording. You'll find her concert and CD reviews at Blues Free Press, Minor 7th, Blue Coupe, Just Like Honey, Roots 66, Blues On Stage, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, FM Sound, Musical Discoveries, Rambles.NET and Sound Waves. She's a member of the Association of Music Journalists & Photographers and a member of the Blues Foundation.

Dow is a resident of Western Massachusetts.

Reviews by Pamela include:

Susan Angeletti

Renee Austin
Sweet Talk

Tab Benoit

Eric Bibb, Rory Block & Maria Muldaur
Sisters & Brothers

Rory Block
Last Fair Deal

The James Cotton Blues Band
35th Anniversary Jam

Guy Davis

Paul Geremia
Love, Murder & Mosquitos

Buddy Guy
Blues Singer

Mississippi Fred McDowell
I Do Not Play No Rock 'n' Roll

Coco Montoya
Can't Look Back

Charlie Musselwhite
One Night In America

Soul Kitchen
It's In the Can

Doris Spears
9 Fold Muse: Blues For Grown Folks

Jim Thackery & Tab Benoit
Whiskey Store Live

Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers
We Got It

various artists
From Matrimony to Alimony: Blues for Good Love Gone Bad

Joe Louis Walker
In the Morning

Little Toby Walker
Cool Hand

Jon Wood
One to Five

Rory Block: singing her country blues