Christopher Paolini,
(Knopf, 2004)

I really feel the need to come to this book's defense. Yes, author Christopher Paolini uses all of the beloved elements of fantasy here, but this boy-and-dragon tale is no mere Tolkien or McCaffrey or Brooks pastiche.

At its most essential, Eragon is a story about power. Those who have it, those who want it, those who feel entitled to take it and, sadly, those who abuse it.

How startlingly amazing that at age 15, this writer was able to see, let alone describe in elegant and poignant prose, so clearly this concept that so fascinates and drives humanity! The business and self-help sections of our libraries and bookstores are filled with the literature of power.

Interested readers should also check out the young-adult fiction section as well. Readers who enjoy Paolini would also likely devour Anne McCaffrey, Tamora Pierce, Patricia McKillip and, of course, Brooks and Tolkien.

review by
Stephen Richmond

3 November 2007

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