Robin Parrish,
(Bethany House, 2006)

Collin Boyd is walking down the street on his way to work when he glances across the street and sees ... himself. Not just someone who looks somewhat like him, but someone who looks just like him, wearing his clothes and carrying his broken umbrella. He runs after him(self) and, along the way, catches a fleeting glimpse of his reflection in a window, and stops dead. The face in the reflection is not his.

So begins the tale of Grant Borrows, for that is the name of the man Collin Boyd has become. Before the tale reaches the last page, we meet a girl who seems to be able to disappear, a thief, an evil guy on a motorcycle who wields an incredibly sharp sword, a woman with a photographic memory, dozens of other people who used to be someone else, a military plot to develop a secret weapon, a millenia-old secret society, a stone tablet that predates mankind but has writing on it, a megalomaniacal scientist and lots of rings that won't come off unless the wearer dies. Who survives this first book? Many supporting characters are introduced, but not all of them make it. There are a lot of explosions and ugly deaths, plus one huge cataclysm.

This is an incredibly fast-paced action-adventure novel with supernatural and religious components. The characters are generally credible, despite the incredible abilities that some possess. However, they do a lot of crying, and trying not to cry. I'm not saying the situations don't warrant tears, but it seems to happen a lot. The writing of Robin Parrish not only flows fast, it flows smoothly. The mysteries keep unfolding, being partially solved, and then getting bigger yet.

This is the first book of the Dominion Trilogy, which seems to be aimed at showing us a possible Armageddon. If the quality and excitement are maintained, it will be worth reading all three.

review by
Chris McCallister

5 January 2008

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