Paul de Bruijn is, well, Paul. In other words he is an imp, sometimes a first-class rogue and on a very good day a fiend. He also holds a degree in procrastination.

Reviews by Paul include:

For Adeline
10,000 Stones

a.k.a. George
Two Tone Throwback

Chris Alan & Stefan des Lauriers
Carousel Wind

Devon Allman's Honeytribe

Mike Alviano
The Vagabond Songs

Lori Amey

Yolanda Aranda & Enrique Coria

Argenti & Rosa
To the Old Friendship

Mike Arroyo
My Jazzy Mood

Paul Arslanian
It's the Feeling That Counts

The Bards of Balance
Restoring Balance

Keola Beamer
Soliloquy (Ka Leo O Loko)

The Best of the Crawfish Years 1985-1991

Erin Benjamin
Monster in My Heart

Besh o droM
Can't Make Me! (Nekemtenemmutogatol!)

Jeff Bisch
40-Watt Stars

Kristian Blak

Blou Blanc Rouge!

Dagobert Böhm
Circle Around
String Unit

Hold with Hope

Brown, Sullivan & Co.
Magnum Banjos

Raining in Yosemite

Catman Cohen
The Catman Chronicles 1: How I Want to Die
The Catman Chronicles 2: How I Want to Live

Covering Our Tracks

Cindy Combs
Slack Key Lady

Connie & Paul
My Father's Songs

Luis Conte
Cuban Dreams

Mark Cook
An Evening with the Blues

Joe Cormier
The Dances Down Home

Rey Crespo y Su
Salsa Conga Loca

Jayme Kelly Curtis
Sugar & Sand: A Trilogy in Three Moods

Drifting in Circles

Dr. Dan
Dan on the Moon

Jenny Davis
It Amazes Me

Daisy DeBolt
Just Mountain Songs

Mike Dekle
Finely Tuned

Rob Diener & Anomaly
Some Assembly Required

Mishi Donovan
Journey Home

Patrick Doyle
Gosford Park

Fred Eaglesmith & the Flying Squirrels
Ralph's Last Show: Live in Santa Cruz

Kat Eggleston
First Warm Wind

Ken Elkinson

Catherine Ellis
Time Again

Family Style
Live Style!

Andre Feriante
Fuego de Luna

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Pocket Full of Stardust

Gino Foti
Sphere of Influence

Fous de la Mer
Stars & Fishes

Florence Foxwell
Open Windows

David Francis
Fake Valentine

Fromseier Rose

Marcel Gagnon

Tom Gavornik
Soul Cry

Philip Gelb, Pauline Oliveros & Dana Reason, with Barre Phillips
The Space Between

Sax Gordon
You Knock Me Out

Guy-Michael Grande
Familiar Strangers

Gorman Del Greco
Cafe Shadeaux

Mike Grosshandler
Wrote Myself

Marcia Guderian Trio
Full Moon

Paul Halley

Kemp Harris

Terri Hendrix
Celebrate the Difference

Kaki King
Everybody Loves You

Marie-Lynn Hammond
Black & White ... and Shades of Grey
Marie-Lynn Hammond & Vignettes

Dr. J
Black Cloud
It Really Don't Change Much

Gabriel James
In the Hands of Fools

Jamison Priest
Dreams I'll Never Know

Lisa Karp, with Dr. John
Fucsia Blues

Susannah Keith

Shafqat Ali Khan

The Klezmatics
Rise Up! Shteyt Oyf!

Ron Korb
Taming the Dragon

Dan Lambert
The Blue Hand
The Clearing

Grit Laskin
A Few Simple Words

Rose Laughlin
House of Memory

Tina Lear
The Road Home

Marilyn Lerner & David Wall
Still Soft Voiced Heart

The Alex Levin Trio
A Reason for Being Alone

Life Trip
World of Evil

John Long
Lost & Found

Flora MacNeil
Orain Floraidh

Gustav Mahler, Alma Mahler & Stephen Endelman
Bride of the Wind

The Mailman's Children
Maritime Sun
Stranger Thing

Makapuu Sand Band
Winds of Waimanalo

Bill Mann
Your Heart Knows

Brent Mason
River Songs

Souad Massi
Mesk Elil (Honeysuckle)

Bob Masteller
The Jazz Corner Swings Latin

Iain Matthews
Pure & Crooked

Kalle Mattson
Live in Between

Steve Mayone
Unfortunate Son

Patrick McGinley & Family Style
Patrick, Family & Friends

Wendy Jones Merkley
Calling Card

Jason Miles
Miles to Miles

Denise Miller & Son
Crazy Horse

Paul Mills
The Other Side of the Glass

Doug Mitchell
Count the Stars

Vusa Mkhaya

Kathryn Mostow
Dreamers Everywhere

Christina Muir
Feet First

Zoe Mulford
Roadside Saints

David Myles
Together & Alone

R. Carlos Nakai

Oren Neiman
First of All

New York Trio Project
Fifth House

The Hard Way

David Parry
The Man From Eldorado

Evalyn Parry

Earl Patrick & Dear Francis
To Fall Again

Sivan Perwer

Pieces of a Dream
No Assembly Required

Michael Plishka
Spit, Sputter, Blow....

The Poachers

Martin Posen
Listening Hands

Luis Fernando Puente
Brighten Up

Quick Drawl
Two Dollar Buffet

Terry Everett Quiett
Paperdoll Spokesman

Tumassi Quitsaq

Leon Redbone
Christmas Island

Althea Rene
Chocolate Rush

Cydney A. Robinson
Spokesman for the Shoeless

Stan Rogers
Fogarty's Cove
From Coffee House to Concert Hall

The Incredible Journey

Al Rose
My First Posthumous Release

Mark Rosen & Sweet Thunder Jazztet

Janet Saadian
Weather the Storm

Tom Savage
Never Shed No Tears

Darrell Scott
Theatre of the Unheard

Shane Scott
Gingerbread House

Mem Shannon
Live: A Night at Tipitina's

Cosy Sheridan
Live at CedarHouse

Arielle Silver
Something Pretty Something True

Sisters Euclid
Run Neil Run

Jennie Stearns
Mourning Dove Songs

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson

Strange Rebel Frequency
House of Four & Hearts

T.J. Sullivan
Blues & Other Love Songs

Ember Swift

Swift Years

Tara Fuki

Trans-Global Underground
Impossible Broadcasting

Alacie Tullaugaq & Lucy Amarualik
Katutjatut: Throat Singing

Jeff Tuohy
Breaking Down the Silence

various artists
Cape Verde
Country Goes Raffi
Italian Treasury: Liguria: Baiardo & Imperia/Polyphony of Ceriana
Latin Playground
Maha Maya: Shri Durga Remixed
Samba Bossa Nova
Six Strings North of the Border, Vol. 3
Umalali: The Garifuna Women's Project

Shawn "Thunder" Wallace
And the Music Lives On

Ben Weaver
Paper Sky

White Raven
The Place Where Life Began

The Wilkinsons
Here and Now

Written Prisms

Hans York
Young Amelia

Debbie Zepick
Enjoy the Journey
Out of the Ruins

Shanti Ananda
Conversations with My Dark Side

Robert Asprin
Myth-ion Improbable

Arthur Birkby
Dig Up My Gold, But I Won't Say Where It's Buried

Bertram Brooker
Sounds Assembling: The Poetry of Bertram Brooker

Orson Scott Card
Ender's Game
Ender's Shadow

Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel's Chosen

Suzy McKee Charnas
The Vampire Tapestry

Cynthia Joyce Clay, et al, editors
The Oestara Anthology of Pagan Poetry

Michael deBeyer
Change in a Razor-Backed Season

Martin Delrio
Battletech: A Silence in the Heavens

Antoine de Saint-Exepury
Le Petit Prince

Consuelo de Saint-Exupery, translated by Esther Allen
The Tale of the Rose: The Love Story Behind the Little Prince

Mike DiCerto
Milky Way Marmalade

Michael Gallant, Raymond M. Coulombe & Timothy O. Goyette
Quantum Musings

Julie Henigan

Kay Hill
Glooscap & His Magic: Legends of the Wabanaki Indians

Jeanne Kalogridis
The Devil's Queen

N.M. Kelby
In the Company of Angels

Berdj Kenadjian
From Darkness to Light

Katherine Kurtz
In the King's Service

Linda A. Lavid

David Malouf

J. Wallis Martin
The Bird Yard

David Morrell

Linda Nichols
If I Gained the World

Troy Nilsson
Shadow Stones of Hiroshima

Birute Regine
Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves & the World

Brian Rouff
Dice Angel

Don Sakers
The Curse of the Zwilling
The Leaves of October

Wen Spencer
Bitter Waters

Mitzi Szereto, editor
The New Black Lace Book of Women's Sexual Fantasies

Wladyslaw Szpilman
The Pianist

Stuart M. Van Tine
A Fine & Private War

Jack Whyte
The Saxon Shore

Gene Wolfe
The Devil in a Forest

Poison Elves #1: Requiem for an Elf, Drew Hayes

Poison Elves #2: Traumatic Dogs, Drew Hayes

Poison Elves #3: Desert of the Third Sin, Drew Hayes

Great Big Sea

Madrigaia & Insigizi

The Mailman's Children

Fare thee well, John Morris Rankin.

Remembrance Day.