Paul & Storm,
Opening Band
(Murray Has, 2005)

The story of Paul & Storm (a.k.a. Paul Sabourin and Greg DiCostranzo) began as part of a group called Da Vinci's Notebook, an a cappella group who toured the folk circuit and developed a well-deserved reputation for their hilarious songs and quite amusing rousing live performances. The tradition continues on Opening Band, where they tackle everything from rejected commercial jingles to parodies asking "What if Randy Newman wrote the theme for this movie?"

Their humor could be compared to folk groups such as the Arrogant Worms or Barenaked Ladies, as well as music you might hear from Dr. Demento. They have been a regular part of the syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show. And along with their fun sense of humor, they also have some great harmonies.

The CD's title track reflects on being an opening band that no one really wants to hear, and the humorous frustration from the aspect of the performer. "Six Guys, Ten Teeth" is a great parody of every bad redneck drinking, fighting country song, and it's guaranteed that you won't hear this one on country music radio. "The Ballad of Eddie Praeger" starts off sounding like an Irish drinking song until you realize the song's subject is a disintegrating scented cake in the urinal in the men's room, Yes, you could say that this is bathroom humor at its finest, complete with a quite off-key pennywhistle. "And with one final flush, she was gone."

Some of the CD's best parodies are a series of movie themes sounding as if they were written by Randy Newman; included are Seabiscuit (complete with a glue reference), The Passion of the Christ, Lord of the Rings, Scarface and a few others. The CD also includes extra commentary on several of the songs, and has a nice mixture of live and studio recordings.

Opening Band is a fun CD. If you enjoy music with a great sense of humor, Paul & Storm are a lot of fun, and their live shows are quite enjoyable.

by Dave Townsend
9 June 2007

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