Brandon A. Perron,
The Quest for Truth
(iUniverse, 2004)

Brandon A. Perron offers readers a deeply thoughtful allegory, ushering them through a mingled world of fantasy and philosophy. The Quest for Truth follows the journey of Youngblood Hawke -- poet, philosopher, soldier and professional adventurer. When a sage challenges his notion of absolute truth, Youngblood realizes he has more soul growth awaiting him. As he travels, he learns what it means to become both an adult and warrior within his society. At last, he and his Select Warriors must challenge the mass, the secret organization controlling the government. He must blend external courage with internal knowledge in order to triumph at last.

This novel is filled with meditative poems, as Youngblood considers the world around him. An entrancing oracle introduces him to the works of the philosophers, forcing Youngblood to tackle the greatest questions of our age.

Perron is a motivational speaker, with almost two decades of professional truth-seeking. This "investigator-philosopher" has conjured up an allegory of the search for truth that will delight philosophers everywhere.

review by
Valerie Frankel

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