Vicki Pettersson,
Sign of the Zodiac #3: Touch of Twilight
(Eos, 2008)

Las Vegas isn't quite all it seems. As if being Sin City wasn't enough, it's the front for major battles between Dark and Light.

Heiress Joanna Archer is the Saggitarian (Archer) in Zodiac Troop 175. It's only been a year since she discovered this superhero identity and lost her sister, Olivia, as well.

Right away, she discovers there's a doppelganger of her in an alternate dimension, first appearing as a creature of bubbles who plans on taking over Joanna's life. Just as she's trying to deal with that, one of the Shadow agents starts dating her former boyfriend, Ben. Throw in that her father, the Tulpa who is head of the Dark Side, is working his utmost to recruit her, too.

A big issue with these novels is how interconnected they are. You can read this third book without reading the first two, but you may struggle more than you have to. The action is interesting and author Vicki Pettersson knows how to throw you a curve; these books are going to fascinate fans of urban fantasy, romance and comic books. But I probably will not continue on with the fourth book in this series because they simply are not holding my attention as strongly as serial fiction should.

review by
Becky Kyle

20 September 2008

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