Bruce Piephoff,
Bright Leaf Blues
(Flyin' Cloud, 2006)

Bruce Piephoff is fairly prolific in the Carolinas, with 12 productions from Flyin' Cloud Records. No wonder, since his deep rolling voice, unadorned except for a bit of guitar, draws your attention right away.

There are a great number of beauties to be found in the 24 tracks on Bright Leaf Blues. There's lots of practical old moaning with a good appreciation of the simple life. All songs were written by Piephoff, according to the liner, and yet some sound as old as the Carolina hills themselves. Just enough harmonica frames the sounds of some songs.

This is pure entertaining with good fun, real good music and a great voice. Pipehoff is "down inna ditch but still looking up at the stars." "Moonpie & Pepsi" is a thirsty song about a night-time carouser and good-time guy.

"Bright Leaf Blues" shines as a folk song, as do many of these short ballads about life in small-town America. "I Wanna Be a Tree" give voice to the helpmates of life, "When the Heart Knows No Harbour" is a sweet, loving tribute. Piephoff breathes bright life into his lyrics and his voice is a comfortable fit for every song he delivers.

As an American artist, he's a sure one to look up and get a whiff on if you haven't heard him yet. He's the guy you'd like to have living next door who comes over with his guitar to sit on your front porch to muse about life with his stories and songs. You won't want to ever send him home.

review by
Virginia MacIsaac

22 March 2008

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