Bruce Piephoff,
Good People
(Flyin' Cloud, 2004)

Bruce Piephoff is a singer-songwriter who is a credit to the profession. His lyrics are well crafted and arrangements make the message all the easier to accept. His subject matter ranges free and wide and never bores.

Opening with a lovely mythical land of "El Dorado" where there has "never been a war," he brings us on a journey through his imagination. Everyone has stayed at some time or other in a place where you could hear "Through Thin Hotel Walls," but few have written a song to hold the listener to the last note wondering what happens next.

Piephoff confronts modern life on "Twenty Miles to Baghdad." He lets us enter the mind of a soldier in that alien land and atmosphere and feel what war means on a deep down and personal level.

"Louisville Blues" is one of my favourites on an album of diamonds. You can feel the longing to get out of the snow and ice to a better place. I also love the title of "Religion Ain't Nothing But Love," as well as the poem with the title "Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Belly Dancer."

The beautiful track "My Old Man" will have resonance for anyone recalling good old days with a beloved father.

Good People is an album that will appeal to all good people who enjoy good music about real people.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 4 September 2004

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