David Pilling,
John Swale Chronicles #6:
A Company of Thieves

(Musa, 2012)

A Company of Thieves returns to the adventures of Eustace Folville and James Coterel. David Pilling's next short work in the series uses action to explain the difference in the bandits' circumstances since the last time readers saw them.

With a few concise strokes and one completed mission, A Company of Thieves sets up the next stage in the feud between Folville and John Swale.

With the return of Swale's nemesis, this book brings the series back to the excitement and drive of Folville's Law. The writing is concise and expertly wielded to pack the most story in this small amount of pages. Old and new characters get excellent depictions in various styles.

A Company of Thieves returns readers to the landscape and politics of England itself. After other realms and court commentary, The John Swale Chronicles are home again, and my desire for the next full-length novel is stoked.

book review by
Whitney Mallenby

30 March 2013

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