Reggie Pittman & Loren Daniels Quartet,
Point A to Point A
(Ivory Hornz, 2010)

Reggie Pittman and Loren Daniels work in a fairly traditional vein with these 10 tracks. All are their own compositions except for Charlie Parker's "Ornithology." The tunes are melodic and all have enough changes to make them engaging. The only exception might be the title song, which does only seem to travel as far as it says.

All four musicians are accomplished, Pittman on trumpet, Daniels on piano, Bill Moring on standup bass and Tim Horner on drums. Pittman can play fast runs, as in "On the B.T.," and can be meditative as well, as when he switches to flugelhorn in his own "Fall." Daniels has an easy and melodic touch on the keys. Moring and Horner are expert at adding small touches, with tasteful string bends and cymbal flourishes.

This is a well-recorded CD with a clean sound, with no electric instruments or incoherent noodling to mar the uncluttered vibe. It is a tribute to the golden ages of jazz, as when Daniels sings its praises on "It's All Thelonious" in a lighthearted fashion. There is no funk, fusion, or rock here -- just a fresh viewpoint on straightforward jazz.

music review by
Dave Howell

11 December 2010

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