Martin Posen,
Listening Hands
(Bare Bones, 2001)

Martin Posen is a skilled guitarist, and Listening Hands shows just how talented he is. There are times when his imagery is lost to me, but even then the music is still beautiful.

The CD starts off with the strongly driven "Sans Souci." "South Portage Lake Road" is a milder tune that takes you for a drive down a quiet country road. Then comes "Ashtanga" -- I feel the intensity, but not its heart. "Listening Hands" is a gentle dance that invites you to step onto the floor.

"Passing Lane" is a fast-paced song that has the feel of speeding past other cars. This is followed by the delicate strains of "Wind Flowers." "3 Portals, 3 Keys" starts off with some magic that fades away all too quickly. There is an untamed edge in "Borderline Blues," although it does not have a blues feel. "Django Townshead" is a passionate tribute that leaves you wanting more.

Then comes "Oroborous," a song that seems to circle back on itself without being repetitive. The CD closes with "Howl," a tune you can almost feel coming over the hills at night.

Listening Hands is a good solid CD by Toronto guitarist Martin Posen. His music is consistent and a pleasure to listen to.

[ by Paul de Bruijn ]
Rambles: 16 June 2002