Dave Potts,
(Looking Up, 2006)

Dave Potts writes pure poetry that pulls at the heart. His songs celebrate the small but important things in life, and his lyrics express in a heartbeat the moods, thoughts and hopes of everyday people. His music themes are about as far from celebrity life or star-status as one can get.

His folk songs are absolutely about real folk. Take his song "If I Broke the Record" about a small-town baseball player who is happy with who he is and what he does and sings "If I broke the record, I would do it clean."

He gives us a window into a proud and good human spirit, reminding us that they still exist. Next he contrasts, with his magic wand of words, the drudgery of caring for a garden and yelling at his kids and how lucky he is to be home with his family doing this while some other person is overseas fighting for them, and whose family is lonely every night. He shines a light and we see how lucky Potts is to be digging in a garden. Lyrics in "The Garden We're Growing" are, "And his wife and his kids pray that he's doing fine / though they have no way of knowing / I'm gonna make sure my kids know / how much it cost to have this garden we're growing."

Can you remember how the last $12.99 you spent improved your life? Dave Potts shows how $12.99 brought three beautiful experiences into his life. Once you listen, you'll catch the drift.

His soft delivery comes with arrangements that sound a little more finished than a coffeehouse gig at times, and then in songs like "Nothing Less" there's a light orchestral sound. His music is comfortable and real. He sings about the things that make his life more complete and in a humble way reminds us to remember others. He shows how easy it is to give a little bit to help other people find little bits of happiness.

He's not afraid to celebrate love for a woman, describing the pleasure and appreciation of meeting a woman in a blue cotton dress in a little Alabama town when his truck breaks down. She "had the kind of smile red roses were made for." Like all of the songs on this album, the true melody is in Potts' voice and the music arrangement is a glaze that highlights the whole dessert.

Have a listen to this CD and you'll know why Dave Potts has won a ton of songwriting awards including 2003, 2004, 2006 Kerrville New Folk Finalist at Kerrville Folk Festival and 2005 International Acoustic Music Awards (1st place winner, Folk/Americana/Roots category) and placed in the 2008 South Florida Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter Competition.

Dave Potts shines a light on life, highlights a little piece of it and makes it sound good.

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review by
Virginia MacIsaac

18 October 2008

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