Christopher Prim,
Number One
(Acoustic Wisdom, 2003)

This is a very good CD. Using the basics of good writing, minimal accompaniment and a fine, clear voice, Christopher Prim has produced a beautiful showcase of his talent.

Number One opens with a track called "Manzanita," which at over seven minutes may not get the airplay it deserves but is well worth a listen. "I See You" is a love song for the universe and contains some very interesting insights. "It's Spring," on the other hand, is a sort of love song for someone he hasn't yet met.

The songs on the album range through romance but also include songs about his friend's car and the lovely "La Bahia de L.A.," which extols the beauty of a region.

Christopher Prim is a writer and performer to watch. His canvas is broad and his ability matches it.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 28 February 2004