Charlene M. Proctor,
Let Your Goddess Grow:
7 Spiritual Lessons on
Female Power & Positive Thinking

(Goddess Network, 2005)

Subtitled "Seven Spiritual Lessons on Female Power & Positive Thinking," Let Your Goddess Grow is a guide to visualizing and bringing into being the kind of life you would like to have. Author Charlene M. Proctor recommends the use of the power of positive thinking and daily affirmations to steer the reader's life into the course she or he (though the book is aimed at women) desires.

The seven lessons are Insight, Balance, Resiliency, Your Authentic Self, Abundance, Corporate Soul and the Divine Feminine. In each lesson, the reader is instructed to look into her past to find entrenched, negative ideas that need to be let go ("girls can't do that," "life stinks," "I don't make a difference," etc.) and sample affirmations are offered to help with this task. The reader is given space to write her own affirmations and a plan for implementing each lesson in her life.

Whether these seven lessons help the reader or not will depend greatly on the reader herself. Cynics and habitually negative people will most likely find that these lessons don't do anything for them (of course, cynics and negative people are extremely unlikely to pick up this book). However, people with a more upbeat attitude may indeed do very well growing their goddesses using Proctor's lessons.

by Laurie Thayer
25 March 2006

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