Luis Fernando Puente,
Brighten Up
(independent, 2009)

Luis Fernando Puente is a pretty good musician, but he isn't a very good singer. It isn't that he can't sing, but more often than not the delivery doesn't suit his voice.

The music on "Fail" is fairly sparse as the singing edges along the line of being spoken, not sung. This continues on into "Lost Drawing," with the music being well done while the vocals are uneven and not always doing justice to the lyrics.

While the delivery of "The Rescue" fits better to his vocals, the lyrics themselves are a bit ham-fisted in delivering his message. The music in "The Bohemian" is a touch too loose and comes up empty, and the singing lacks the emotions of the words.

The musical interludes in "Lunchtime Story" are the best part of the song; the rest of it is labored. "This Old Man (This Old World)" is a dance with a few rough edges, and while it isn't pretty the pieces fit well together. The message of "Money" is ham-handed and has more to do with how people use their money, specifically for medicine or drugs.

If I had to say what I would want more of on this CD I would point to "Message in Notebook". The singing is smooth and feels comfortable, and the music ties in wonderfully. And then it bounces back to all the less pleasant rough edges with "Prelude to Outro." There could have been a lot of energy to "Brighten Up" with hints of vaudeville or cabaret, but it never quite gels.

For one song Brighten Up is very good. It's too bad most of the other songs on the CD don't live up to that potential.

music review by
Paul de Bruijn

4 September 2010

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