Selia Qynn,
The Moon & Me
(self-produced, 1990; 1998)

The Moon & Me is a redone version of Selia Qynn's first tape, We Are All Children Here. She has replaced three of the songs and completely redone another. According to the liner notes, this is what she really meant, though it took her eight years to say it.

The overall tone of the CD is quiet and rather introspective. Qynn's clear voice is hushed and the instrumentals somewhat muted. The songs are quite melodic and the sort of thing that you can easily sing along with if you're of the mind to do so (I like songs that are easy to sing to).

There is, however, one track on the CD that sticks out rather like the proverbial sore thumb: "Let it Go," with its heavy electric guitar accompaniment, is very much rock-inspired. This is not to say that it's not a good song, its philosophy fits with the rest of the CD, but its style doesn't really mesh.

Among the other memorable tracks is "Gathering the Memories," in which Qynn sings to her son not to be in such a hurry to grow up; the lyrics in the liner notes are accompanied by pictures of her son as a toddler. "To a Dancer" is a sad goodbye to a friend who has died alone. "The Moon and Me" is a wonderful way to open the CD, with the imagery of the full moon rising.

Though by her own account it took her eight years to get it right, The Moon & Me is a great CD for quiet times alone or to share with someone else.

[ by Laurie Thayer ]