Ramin Rahimi & Tapesh,
Iranian Percussion
(ARC, 2009)

This is all percussion, as the title suggests, so it will only appeal to certain people. It is a great CD for those who like drums, however, with more variety than you might expect.

Tapesh is a large drum ensemble, so all but one of the 12 pieces have a number of players and some featured solos. The exception is "I am the Tombak", which is an amazing solo piece by Ramin Rahimi on that goblet-shaped drum. Other traditional drums used include the circular wooden-framed daf, the cylindrical double-headed dhol and the darbuka.

Different rhythms and drum combinations are used on the tracks, which range from 46 seconds to nearly 10 minutes in length. They are done with a musical feel, with changes in volume and speed to add interest in the compositions. The drums are used as parts of an orchestra, so the sound is more akin to a marching band than to a sequence of solos, although there are some sections of call and response.

This CD has a sound and feel that will be different and interesting to those who like percussion.

review by
Dave Howell

30 January 2010

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