Steven Raichlen,
Island Apart
(Forge, 2013)

The food descriptions in this novel are lush and exciting, and I would love to eat each and every one of them! Even the doctored-up oat bran insisted upon by a food faddist sounds tasty.

The rest of the novel was not as good. The characters are flat at best, and the plot melodramatic and very coincidence-driven, rather than feeling like it emanates naturally from the characters in the set-up. I also very much dislike the trope where one of the people in a romantic relationship does all the changing to meet the other, and it's not reciprocated. I don't like it when the woman does all the changing for the man, and I don't like it the other way, either.

Still, it's a fast read, and worth it for the food descriptions if one is into that sort of thing!

book review by
Amanda Fisher

12 April 2014

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