Gwinevere Rain,
Moonbeams & Shooting Stars
(Prentice Hall, 2004)

The subtitle of this slim volume pretty much says it all: Discover Inner Strength & Live a Happier, More Spiritual Life. Part journal, part self-help book, the book is aimed at teen women. The author is herself a teenager, which makes her advice seem more relevant than if a middle-aged woman (or worse, a man!) were writing it.

Gwinevere Rain makes a wise choice in not advocating any one spiritual path in this book. She discusses both goddess issues, using Graeco-Roman mythology to illustrate her points, and devotes a chapter to angels.

Each chapter includes down-to-earth, heartfelt rituals that can be performed without lots of equipment and regalia anywhere a person can find a little bit of peace and quiet. There are also blank pages included for journaling the results of rituals or exercises. A chapter on creating your own rituals completes the book.

It is difficult not to sound patronizing when praising Rain's accomplishment. Her first book was written at age 16 and she is currently working on her third, but she is a talented writer and one can only wish her further success.

- Rambles
written by Laurie Thayer
published 31 July 2004

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