PJ Rasmussen,
Another Adventure
(Third Freedom, 2014)

I am not a jazz aficionado, merely an appreciator of the art. That said, I very much like this album, Another Adventure, by PJ Rasmussen. I'm not a huge fan of jazzy dissonance, but the musicians here use it well, adding interest and brightness to the compositions.

The album is well-crafted to vary the listening experience, from more hard-core pieces through to the more romantic and melodic.

I love the way jazz -- and some blues -- gives individual musicians a way to shine and show off their chops. It reminds me of some of the ornamentation that soloists did in opera and in baroque pieces. Because of that, I found both "Full Speed Ahead" and "Another Adventure" particularly catchy and compelling.

On a more meditative note, I really loved both "Ruthie" and "For David." Both offer solid instrumentals, and a wistful tone that I liked a lot.

This is a solid jazz album, with truly excellent instrumentation from skilled musicians who know how to work together well and who together have made a very cohesive and interesting album.

music review by
Amanda Fisher

3 May 2014

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