Realworlds: Superman
Steve Vance, writer,
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, artist
(DC Comics, 2000)

In the fourth and, so far as I can tell, final installment of DC's Realworlds series, the focus is on Superman. Or, rather, on Eddie, a mild-mannered grocery clerk whose good intentions get him into a world of trouble -- and land him in jail with the Superman symbol tattoed on his chest. There, he's inspired to pump iron and become the toughest guy around (a fairly cliched plot twist, if you ask me) and, when he's released, he embraces the path life has chosen for him and begins a life of urban crime. Still, there's always hope for redemption, with the right inspiration....

This is the weakest of the four Realworlds books, but it's still a pleasant read -- enough to make me wish DC had extended the series run a little further.

[ by Tom Knapp ]
Rambles: 5 January 2002

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