Redline America
directed by Cliff Adams
(independent, 2007)

Redline America is a DVD of a cross-country motorcycle trip of more than 10,000 miles by photographer Cliff Adams and an accompanying team. There are those who might not find such a project interesting. But those willing to watch it will find a nearly perfect film.

Adams concentrates on the most scenic areas of road, naturally, such as those in national parks. There are many shots of the highways from the point of view of the rider, and many side shots. They range from pastoral areas of Vermont to the bleakness of Death Valley to downtown Las Vegas. There are also a lot of wildlife and birds shown, from chipmunks to moose.

The music adds to the variety, much of it original. It includes soft rock but is mostly instrumental, including a bit of ambient with electronic keyboards. There are a few "side trips," too, with stories about a ghost town and narratives about Adams' grandfather, who traveled by motorcycle many years before. Adams also narrates throughout the trip about the weather, the road conditions and so on.

At 105 minutes, not including bonus features, this is a long ride but a beautiful one, enough to make you want to get your own bike and hit the road. Visit Cliff Adams' website for more information.

review by
Dave Howell

3 October 2009

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